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Poliklinik MESRA
Why Choose Us?
The  clinic  is  registered  with  Ministry  of Health  with  Form  B  No:  009073  (Appendix)  under  Public  Healthcare  Facilities and Services Act 1988.
Our clinic is also registered  with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) with the name of MESRA BWG Sdn Bhd (1186187-U). The clinic is  located  at  No.11,  Lorong  1,  Taman  Ria  Mesra  2,  08300,  Gurun  Kedah  Darul Aman.  It  has  begun  operating  since  1 st May  2013  till  now.   The  clinic  is strategically  located  in front of  Taman Ria Mesra  1  and  2.
The area  is  occupied  by about  3000  permanent and temporary  resident  population  (tenants  and  contract employees)  and  is  surrounded  by  at-least  four  villages  near  about  2000 population.
  • The mission of Poliklinik Mesra is to provide quality and holistic health care and health education to the community by applying the wellness concepts.
  • We will be a clinic that deliver affordable, comprehensive, quality and holistic health care through effective and efficient management.
9.00 am-3.00 pm
– Close –
No.Tel: 04-4615270
Our Services
Medical Consultation
Basic acute and emergency care. Family Planning. General Medical Consultation and Treatment. Health Screening Programmes.
Immunisation and Vaccination for Adult and Children. Medical Checkup. Medical Investigation in Blood and Urine Test.
Medical Surveillance (OSHA). Minor Surgery. Nutrition and Dietary Counseling. Postnatal/Antenatal Care.
Our Clinic
Doktor KOREK Daging Betis Ayah. Apa jadi Seterusnya Buat Ramai Terpana!
Poliklinik Mesra
I had hijama session and I am feeling excellent. I have noticed a massive improvement in my circulation especially when cycling up hill. I experienced no dizziness or no side effects immediately after the treatment. Overall I feel much more sharp and alert."
Our Location
List of Facilities

Asthma bay
Minor Operation Theatre
Sick bay
Health Screening (cardiovascular risk screening)
Vaccination (Immunisation and travel health)
Laboratory test (Blood and urine test)
Treatment and Procedure Room
Consultation room
Electrocardiograph (ECG)

List of Panels